Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Talk Less, Listen More

My reason for starting this blog was to try to influence mathematics education in the United States. As many of you know I have a deep passion for mathematics. I really believe we can create an "I love math" generation. One of the biggest roadblocks to changing the culture of math education is that we, parents and educators, don't understand the need for the change and what that change might look like.

Last summer I participated in a Stanford online mooc facilitated by Jo Boaler. Like any blogger, I pass this along because she is an inspiration to me. She recently posted this video to help teachers and parents understand the reasons we need to make some shifts and what those shifts might look like. It was a time for me to talk less and listen more.

The 20 minute video is very worth the time it takes to watch. If you don't have time for the full 20 minute video, start at 9 minutes, 30 seconds and listen for about 4 minutes. Those 4 minutes will be enough to paint a good picture for you. It may entice you to watch the other 16. 

Make sure you catch the quote from Sebastian Thrun!

I hope you enjoy the video. If you do, PLEASE pass it on to every parent and educator you know and encourage them to watch it too!

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